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Benefits and Other Services


There are many inherent benefits training in the Martial Arts for both young and old.

Physically: The martial arts offers a great full body work-out incorporating core strength training, toning, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Mentally/Emotionally: Stress management, confidence, self-esteem, developed sense of awareness, self-control, increased focus and attention, increased concentration, self discipline, anger management, are just a small example of the many great benefits a classical traditional program offers.

Spiritually: Training the martial arts brings you immediately into the here & now. Zen precepts and Samurai ways of strategy contribute to the development of greater self awareness into one’s own nature and positive impact on their surrounding environment.

Classical martial arts came to be out of the necessity to defend oneself and maintain overall health and well-being. This continues to be our primary goal for all of our students.


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Of course, at the dojo we are always there to assist you with your martial arts needs, however, to speed up orders and personalize them even more, you can place your orders directly by clicking on the link below. DOJOBUY is a great way to order just about anything you need from uniforms to weapons to novelty gift ideas. Be sure to get your dojo discount by adding our 10 digit club member code (9053330352) as you checkout your order. If there is something specific you cannot find, let us know and we will be happy to assist you with your search.


Receive a 10% discount on your order entering our club member ID/10digit code (9053330352) as you check-out your order.




We knew about the Secret BEFORE The Secret became known and made it available through The Master Key system years ago. Now available on CD and DVD through Universal Mind. Also presented in live seminars once a year with application training.


Many have experienced increased energy and mental clarity while eliminating the incidental joint pain that they had been experiencing. Many have also found the product effective in managing their weight and have lost several pounds   since taking it. Some people initially felt some mild discomfort when taking the product as they experience a detoxification. This is normal and will subside quickly.  Once you have taken the product and have had your "Thrive Experience" feel free to share your Web Address to others. When 2 people order product, you will receive credits for free product the next month and for every month that they continue to order. 


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